Tesla Model X

If you are a Tesla fanatic you would love the features in this car. If you are not a big fan of Tesla, well now you will surely become one.


Coming to the basic looks, Falcon wings, this is an awesome feature which is stylish and even power activated and lined with captivative, inductive and sonar sensors. Falcon wings in Model X are hinged when ever there is an obstacle either near parking or in a garage or anywhere else. Good thing is that, when the doors are open a little, still you will be able to go inside without even letting the wings open completely. When you are not patient enough, it take about 5 to 6 seconds for that Wings to open up, hence being able to go inside early is a plus point. Other than Falcon wings, Model X has largest glass panoramic windshield which gives you chance to view the sky above and enjoy it.


Tesla Model X is fully electric and 3-Row SUV. Another best part of Model X is its battery pack. Of course, it takes a little more time to charge but it is worth it. It has 100 Kwh battery with 289 Miles range.

Coming to the best part of Model X, autopilot, this was already introduced in Model S but this version is improvised. Fully automated and completely safe. The cruise control system is more comfortable and trustable than ever before. It is a little awkward to give your hands and legs a little rest while driving but it definitely makes us feel like we are in a plane with autopilot mode.

There are Active sensors with emergency braking and collision avoidance systems thus making it really safe. Surprisingly, the company is hoping the most safest SUV to be Tesla Model X. It’s aerodynamic SUV helps it achieve 289 Miles range. All the safety measures like 360 degree sonar sensors, blind spot warning, rollover crash sensor are all taken care and built in Model X. You don’t even need to worry about thefts, anti-theft alarm prevents such situations. The handles are also unique , they are flush mounted door handles which don’t need any pull to open the door.


The seating is quite comfortable. It is suitable for seven members. The first two seats in the front are the most comfortable seats which you might not find in other SUV’s. The back seats can be folded or pushed forward for easy access to the last seats. There are 5 USB ports for power and media. The air conditioner can also be controlled separately for the front and back seats, though it is almost same for both.

Storage capacity comes to your mind when you plan for a trip. Model X not only has large front trunk, rear cargo area and under passenger seats. Try not to be surprised, but you have to know that this car has 5,000 towing capacity. It is true! Model X is the first electric vehicle with that good towing capacity.

Finally, Tesla model X makes you  feel safe, comfortable, royal and totally cool person while driving!!