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There are many drones constructed according to their usage. They might be small, big or very small. But no other drone has extremely powerful computing platform, which enables unlimited innovation and applications, as that of Teal Drone. Teal drone is the fastest production drone. Drones are the gadgets which can be operated by humans without their presence in it. Teal Drone is of small size which has can go inside a backpack. The parts in this are upgradable. Its total weight is up to 730 grams. Even supports Micro SD Card up to 64 GB. This drone has multiple uses from gaming and augmented reality, security and inspections, e-commerce and agriculture or just used as purely simplifying and automating drone flight. This drone is actually found by George Matus who is just 18 years old. He started his journey when he was 11 years old and after massive learning about Drones he created Teal Drone, which is fast and can be used by any inexperienced person too.

Teal drone

Teal Drone has applications in it. Command and control application contains live video streaming, way point navigation, geo fencing and media management. This application fulfils some basic requirements where any common person can make use of it. Follow-Me application will allow Teal to precisely follow a specific person or object on advance image recognition that is done real time. By using this application the military can benefit, through Teal Drone one can follow an enemy and use in rescue operations. Racing application lets pilots race against other Teal users, record their flight logs. One good news for hard-core racers is that challenges can be played and can win awards and move up in the leader board to become one of the best.

This Drone is very fast. It can have speed up to 70 MPH which can reach up to 85 MPH in some conditions. It’s flight time is 10 minutes for high resistance battery. It is water resistant and can fly in rain, snow, wind, hail and many other rough conditions. But we also should remember that this Drone is meant to fly and shouldn’t be immersed in water as it is not waterproof. It can perform well even in windy conditions up to 40 MPH wind flow.

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To make Teal Drone safe and easy to fly, it is built in both Hardware side and software side. This is because flying a Drone out of control is dangerous and it might actually be difficult for inexperienced user to control it. So, it can be used by anyone but reading the instructions in Quick Start Manual.

It has built in Inertial Navigation system which makes it a unique Drone because it provides rock solid GPS and sensor and pitch governing. Range of Teal depends on what control method is being used. In general mobile device over Wi-Fi is used by everyone which has range up to 300 ft. For higher ranges Wi-Fi extender is used where range is increased up to 2500 ft. By using RC transmitter range can be up to 2 Miles away.

It is powered by NVIDIA TXI, Powerful Mini Computer. It handles machine learning, autonomous flight, image recognition, etc. Because of its wide uses it is also known as Flying Super Computer. We can plug Teal into a monitor and use it like normal computer like play games on it and go fly when we want.

Teal doesn’t have any standard obstacle avoidance built in it. For avoiding obstacles the camera should be used and we must use it manually. GPS systems gives GPS/GLONASS capability with fast update rates and high accuracies. It supports standard GPS while also offering Differential and RTKGPS capability thus allowing us to use it according to our requirements. Teal has very high accuracy, stability and performance.

It costs about $1,299 when you pre-order it now. It looks like it is costly but it is worth it because we get all the facilities of many Drones on one drone. It is not just about its uses for Teal but also the quality because highest quality parts from all around the world are used to build this Drone. They have integrated a mini Super computer and Inertial Navigation System.

Checkout the video of Teal drone here :

check out :https://tealdrones.com/



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