SENSE – Device that monitors your sleep

It is well said that “good laugh and long sleep are two best cures for anything”.

For some, sleep is the greatest joy ,others it is a easiest task , best relief and for some it’s an uncontrollable desire.

In this life’s marathon many things go ignorant, one such is proper sleep, but nowadays people have realized its significance.

When we fall asleep ,our mind also becomes dormant,hence most of us don’t know, whether we are having a deep sleep ,snoring or blabbering something.With advanced technology one can capture their sleep patterns and hunter down the disturbances that hinder their sleep.Many sleep monitoring devices like Misfit Ray,S+,Beddit Smart 2.0,etc have impressed users by tracking proper sleep patterns, lulling music and smart alarms.Sense is one such device that monitors your sleep,but sense is very unique because its additional features,price,utility, sensitivity and appearance.Suppose you are a traveler, and you fell its difficult to sleep in a new place,then carry this magical sense ,it presents you an amazing sleeping experience.


Sense has an appealing look ,it just fits into your bedroom like a showpiece.This gadget has 3 parts , “sense” that resembles a spherical yarn,a small white button shaped “sleeping pill”and a smart phone app.The sleeping pill should be clipped onto your pillow, so that it can track your body movements . The best part of sense is that,there is no need to wear or attach anything onto your body,when compared to other devices, this feature is an added advantage.


The main motto of Hello(creators of sense) is “Fall asleep,stay asleep and wake up refreshed”.It helps you to understand your environment better.It basically an IoT product,and sense is an apt name,driving in more customers.It has various sensors that can tell you,your bedroom’s temperature,humidity,air quality and this feature is absent in other devices.Accordingly one can adjust the room’s atmosphere to have a restful night.If you are very busy and can’t check the app, Don’t Worry! there’s an inbuilt LED that notifies you about the status of your bedroom parameters.Green says “go and sleep”,but yellow or orange indicates that there’s a need to check the app.

It also has a microphone with enhanced audio that lets you know about the noise ,while you are asleep.According to the movements tracked by pill’s accelerometer ,interesting graphs are displayed through the sense app.One is also facilitated to compare 1 week’s graphs or consecutive month’s graphs.Sense scores you based on the quality of sleep you had last night.It works with a easily replaceable lithium battery.

Sense has made its own mark in lulling its users to sleep with wide varities of music like,forest creek bubbling,sounds of rainfall ,etc.Personally I fell ,the white music is a classic one. Try and tell me which one impressed you the most! Smart alarm wakes you up at the lighter phase of your sleep cycle ,hence you won’t feel drowsy.But one can set only one smart alarm at a time,moreover there is no snooze option,if you are a sleep lover, then beware!! Proximity sensor can instantly cease the smart alarm by gently waving your hand over it.One can easily connect to your WiFi via 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n.Finally friends, whoever are robbed of peaceful sleep, can get home sense, with just $129.