“What is life if not one big adventure?”

The quote rings a bell? Maybe refreshes some memory or perhaps reminds you of  a time long back when you had wild and free spirited dreams but time eventually made you suppress them, find a job with a good salary, regular timings and you got settled. Ta Da!!

But what about your dreams??

Well, trust me when I say that at your deathbed, it’s all the things you wish you had done that would consume your mind entirely. Don’t be among those people who die with nothing but a bunch of regrets in their heart over a life half lived.

Get started, get adventurous. And for that, you have to travel.

Now, how many of you would absolutely jump at the idea of travelling on a bike through valleys, mountainous roads, rivers and what more. So wait not!! I am going to inform you all about the top 10 places where this dream of yours can be made real and trust me! You would thank me for this.


  1. Leh ,Jammu and Kashmir
    Leh Ladakh
    The first name on the list is Leh.The Manali route to the high peaks of Leh is known as the “ Route to Heaven” among bike riders. With its incomparable scenic beauty, the experience is one that cannot be beaten. It was even shown in the famous Bollywood movie “Jab Tak Hain Jaan”. Though, just as a prior warning, the route is one of the most unpredictable and full of dangers of landslides. While riding, the bikers have to pass through Khardung La which is said to be the most difficult part of the journey. But as they say, the end will always be worth all the hardwork you had to endure. The path in themselves are a constant source of adrenaline. As you go uphill, you would come across beautiful lakes, unpaved roads, plenty of Buddhist monasteries and not to say the whirl of fresh cold air finally reaching the enchanting and mountain framed Leh. Do give it a try!!
  2. .  Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh
    Sipti valley

The word “Spiti” means “The Middle Land” ie, the land between Tibet and Ladakh. Spiti is a desert mountain located high in the Himalayas. The Shimla route to Spiti valley could be said as a twin to the previous destination mentioned, only less dangerous but comes along with all the resplendent beauty and adrenaline rush. It is also during this journey that you come across some of the highest villages in India. Enroute to Spiti valley, you also pass through Baspa and Kinnaur region which are famous for their apricot and apple orchards along with the popular Satluj river and the usual monasteries.

3 . Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Rann of Kutch

It is a large salt marsh, almost unending it seems, located in the Thar Desert in Gujarat. Bikers say that for those who love to ride bikes under starry night skies, this is the ideal place. Although the weather in the day time might offend most of the people because of the scorching heat, night time is splendid and definitely something to experience once. And don not just doubt it as a dry bare desert. The inhabitants there celebrate their own fests, “The Rann Utsav”. Pretty evidently, it is a combination of canvas of culture, profusion of art forms and an overabundance of life.

4 . Darjeeling to Sikkim

Darjeeling to sikkim

The mere name of Darjeeling and Sikkim create an image in the mind that is highly tempting. Daunting as it is, the trip starts from Darjeeling culminating at Sikkim. The villages and city around are witness to a blend of culture and religion that would delight anyone. Moreover, the climate and natural aura is pleasing to the senses. And let’s not forget the mesmerizing Kanchenjunga which will be your final destination. I really don’t think that anyone would want to miss on this .

5 .   Kerala


Kerala, also known as “God’s own country” because of its serene and absolute calming atmosphere would relax and distress your mind and leave you rejuvenated and inspired. You could drive from Cochin towards the Southern Ghats which is generally chosen as the ideal spot for bike riding because of all the scenic marvels one gets to see on the way. You can see Tea and Rubber plantations in abundance along with a wide range of flora and fauna. Via Munnar, you can proceed to Ooty and then to the Niligiri Hills which is quite popular for bike riding. The trip ends with a bike ride back to Cochin. With Kerala also being known for its unique cuisine, you definitely woudn’t want to miss this. On the other hand, there are also many other routes which you can choose from commencing from Kerala.

6 .  NH17


NH17 ( National Highway 17) connects Mumbai to Goa. This highway, unlike all other national highways is praise more because this route actually offers you a whole tour of the Western Coastline of India. Literally. So basically, you really won’t feel as if you are riding your bike on a highway but the path is a memorable trip in itself. And after all the tiring ride, you will be reaching Goa. Duh!! What more could you ask for? Goa is a hub and fist choice for all kinds of people, be it shy or loud, extrovert or introvert, Goa has all the answers to your worries. And the umpty number of beaches is definitely the cherry to the cake. Give it a chance!!



Embarking on a road trip to Nainital is like living your childhood dream. Starting your trip from Delhi, you can proceed towards Corbett which lies in Uttarakhand. You’ll get to see gigantic fruit orchards of various kinds covering both sides of the roads you would be riding through. The air on the way thus, has the sweet scent clinging onto it and not to mention the cool shade of the trees which not only appease to the eyes but offers a respite from the heat of the day. And trust me guys when I say that upon reaching Nainital, the Lake City, all your riding would be worth it. Definitely and genuinely. Because as they say, Nainital is paradise. They say that you can never get enough of it.

Well, if I had the chance I’d grab it. Would you?


Now all the above mentioned road trips were long ones.  So if you don’t have much time and money to go on long trip?? If you fall in this category, read on!!



If you live in Bangalore, then my friend, you’re in luck. Because Nandi hills are for your rescue.. Located at approximately 60-65 kms from Bangalore, people come here to distress and enjoy solitude when the stress of life take over them. It is basically a hilltop as the name suggests. Though the road uphill is breathtakingly beautiful. But you might avoid it in the rainy seasons due to the slippery roads. But all the same, give it a try!!



Do you live in the capital of India and are a busy person and just have a day off and actually want to experience the freshness, calmness and splendor of nature?/

Do you see yourself in the above question? If you can relate to it, then the answer to your plea is Mussoorie.

Its just a 6 hour ride to Mussoorie. Though the road isn’t in much of a good shape, on reaching your destination you’ll thank God to have endured all that just so you could see Mussoorie.

Its lush greenery, waterfalls, flora and fauna would definitely intoxicate you. And yes, don’t forget to visit Kempty Falls when you go there. Its mindblowingly beautiful!!


Kamshet mumbai

Last, but not the least, Mumbai. The city that doesn’t sleep. That might sound exciting but eventually gets tiring and you would be desperately be trying for a gaping hole from where you could escape. Though there are plenty of beaches, you might want something detached from the hustle and bustle of the city. Now, if you have, say, a day off, and a good old bike as your companion, Kamshet wouldn’t be disappointing. Nicknamed as “Paraglider’s Paradise”, you can reach there within 2 hours 10 min drive via Mumbai-Pune expressway. Kamshet holds quaint and impressive fields of sunflower and the Pawna Lake for that matter upon which you will paraglide.  Sounds exciting?? Well then, get your bikes ready!!



Now that you have the list of all the perfect destinations for a bike ride, are you ready for the adventure???





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