“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy food and that’s kind of the same thing!!!”
Indians are known in the world as “foodies”. Being as much of a diverse country as we are, it comes as no surprise that we have thousands of dishes indigenous to only us!!
So much so, that we have a unique variety of street foods that are no less than lip-smackingly delicious. What comes as more of a wonder is that there are street foods popular in a particular state where it was originated from.
Thus, they differ in flavor, appearance and smell. Despite all that, nothing in the whole world can beat the “street food” of India.
We Indians absolutely crave street food. So, here is a list of popular street foods found all around India. If you are an Indian, you would have probably tasted them all, if you haven’t, it’s time you do!!!

  1. CHOLE BHATUREchole bhatoreIt is basically a Punjabi recipe that is now actually “world famous”.As we know that all the Punjabi recipes are full of a variety of spices and ghee. This dish has it all.Consisting of green peas cooked in the staple Punjabi masala which we call “chole” along with fried bread (well, doesn’t really look and feel like bread, literally!!) which they call “bhatura”. Served with chopped onions and a glass of “lassi“ which is another staple in almost all Punjabi meals, this can be seen as a periodic breakfast in the Punjabi households. But its popularity has served far and near. Almost all Indian restaurants and street vendors sell this delicious dish.

    If you haven’t tried it, I pity you!!

  2. GOL GAPPEgol gappe“Gol Gappe” or “Puchka” or “Pani Puri” or whatever name they are called in various states. Frankly speaking, this is my personal favourite since as long as I can remember. It is basically a round, hollow puri, fried crisp and then filled with a particular blend of flavoured and absolutely spicy water, chutney, onion, chickpeas and mashed potatoes. You usually get 8 pieces of these little bombs for Rs 20-30. The prices or the quantity may vary from place to place.It is one of the most common street foods in India.I personally am not much of a foodie but if I make sure to eat these atleast once a week without fail, you can imagine how yummy they are!!!
  3. MOMOSmomosAsk anyone about the king of street foods and majority would undoubtedly name “Momos”.The strange thing is Momos has become India’s favourite despite not being originated here. Momos is a Chinese dish or you could say, native to Tibet and Nepal.Basically it’s a migratory food from the moment it was introduced here, it took our country by storm.

    There would rarely be a street food in India where you would not see a vendor making and selling hot momos.

    Not just vendors, I would be surprised if there is any restaurant or Mall that doesn’t have momos in their menu.

    Filled with chicken or veggies, steamed or fried, momos taste best when served with tangy sauces.

    Forget the appearance, its smell is enough to force your foot to walk to stall and eat them. If you haven’t tried this once, I doubt you are a human, lol!!!

  4. PAV BHAJIpav bhajiPav Bhaji, native to Maharashtra , is the most famous street food found here. Pav is a Marathi word which translates to bread or bum, the sorts used in burgers. And Bhaji is also a Marathi word meaning curry.They are usually served in butter and taste best when served hot.There would not be a single road in Mumbai (and I mean it) that does not serve this. Even after night parties after night outs, if you stroll out in roads, you will most probably find a vendor selling this mouth-watering snack.

    It can even be served as dinners depending upon the number of Pav you eat with the Bhaji (don’t tell me you would stop at two!!).

    So even if you live in Maharashtra or outside it, do give this dish a tongue!

  5. CHAAT

    Trust me, it tastes as delicious as it looks in the picture, Maybe more.It is the ideal street food or snack which is not only popular in India but in Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh too!!!Shocked?? So was I.It might be due to its versatile taste. It is known by different names in different places.

    Ironically, it’s not only the name but the recipes too.

    The good thing is, it was originated in India. Uttar Pradesh to be specific.

    In India, it is seen “everywhere” in Delhi. Literally everywhere (along with Momos and Gol Gappe).

    You get aloo chaat, aloo tikki, bhel puri, dahi puri and God knows which all other names it is known by, not to mention the different flavours and taste it gets after one makes it. But no matter what, it remains “chaat” after all.


    As I had mentioned in the starting of the article that there are hundreds if not thousands of snacks or street food seen in even the remotest corners of our country. But I have listed my top 5 favourite ones for you in the article.

    So, next time you go out of the comfort of your house, don’t forget to try one of these and get your taste buds tingling.