What if Earth stopped spinning ?

We all know that, our Earth spins on its axis. But what if earth stopped spinning? This is a very “BIG” question. 

“ Science is more than a body of knowledge; It’s a way of thinking, a way of skeptically interrogating the universe. “|

This quote by Carl Sagan basically sums it all up. Different people perceive the world differently. Some are poets and dreamers and then there is this whole breed of Science lovers.

Who says that they’re not dreamers. The only difference is their language of expressing it is different.

Ok, now that is too poetic. Nevermind!! I myself was a Science student till 12th and I realized it pretty soon that Physics and Chemistry were never my cup of tea.

But for those who breathe Science, this is the place. And for those who don’t, I’m 100% sure this topic would interest you!!

Has anyone of you ever thought what if the Earth stopped spinning?

No, no, I’m not going to give a pure elaborated scientific explanation that goes over your head.

Now, all of you would know the basics, right? All the planets in the solar system have their own personal paths, basically known to you as “Orbits”. You might also be aware that our Earth has one too and along with circling around the orbit, it constantly keeps spinning too. They call it “Earth’s Rotatory Motion”.

earth 1

Now, may be you might think, why the hell does it rotate?

Well, let me tell you, if the Earth did not spin, we wouldn’t have day and night as such (Imagine 24hrs of School!!)

PS: Did you know that it is believed that a large object, almost the size of Mars, came and collided with our planet, resulting in chunking out of a big part of our planet which we know as Moon.

So, before this collision, Earth rotated more slowly, may be a day had only like 6 hours!!! But this collision resulted in its faster spinning, thus, 24hrs a day!

So, it keeps the temperature stable and it also has a role in gravity, though it’s the Moon that has a more major role to play in it. When the Earth rotates, the Moon’s gravity causes the oceans seem to rise and fall.

earth 2

Coming to our main question, what if stopped spinning one random day, stopped rotating? The answer to that is … we would all die… but not in a sudden manner, but in a pretty gruesome manner.

The famous YouTuber Michael Stevens believes that if the Earth was to stop spinning, everything that wasn’t Earth would still keep rotating. Now, since we, along with the animals, are not Earth but only its inhabitants, we would still keep rotating. And not in slow motion like walking, but in a supersonic speed, absolutely inhuman speed, what Stevens compares to speed and destructive power of a “Super Fast Bullet”. That sounds pretty horrible to me.

If you somehow happen to survive this disaster, all the other phenomenon that would occur if the Earth stopped spinning would kill you as horribly as the prior one.

Actually, there would be massive fire and heat everywhere because the wind would also be gushing at an unimaginable speed, causing havoc and chaos everywhere. That is sure to cause fire and burn you down to death.

Surviving after all this is impossible, unless you are already an immortal, but if by any 0.01% chance you actually survive , there would be massive floods due to rise to water in the oceans by a gigantous amount!!earth 3'

There is also a theory that says that if Earth stopped spinning, our planet would plunge into the Sun after exactly 60-62 days. Though don’t worry, all organisms would extinct by Day 30-35. In short, everyone would be screwed.

Well , it might be a hell of an epic and unforgettable sight for the astronauts who’ll be out of their planet then.

Now that you know how lucky we are for everything going on in perfect order in our planet as well as outside it, and also what would happen if for one day, things change, be thankful for your life.

And love Science!!! Or at the least, be curious and ask questions. Because Science is all around and you can’t escape it! Might as well accept it.

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