Android 7 Nougat

                      Since the arrival of Lollipop android has become even more stable and has been giving its user a great feel and with the latest Nougat the way users experience things has become both-“smoother and smarter”.

Here are some of the notable features of Android N-

1.  One of the best improvements in this version is surely the notifications This time they are highly organized and  are redesigned with more screen advantage. And the gestures now allow us to respond to notifications even        quicker and can be viewed in a expanded view along with the Quick reply or In-line reply feature which allows   us to directly reply from the notifications without having to open the app fully! .

2.  Split Screen is now built-in. This can be activated by long pressing the recent apps button. And also the ability to multi task by simply tapping the recent apps button which quickly opens the other background applications. The good news is that it works both in landscape as well a portrait modes with adjustable widths only in portrait mode.

3.  The Settings section now has the swipe outside menu which enables quick navigation to jump between the options and now has separate inside menu. Like, you can see which network you’re connected to even without tapping into the options.

4.  The Quick settings have also been redesigned in order to access frequently used apps more easily. For example, if you use the Torch very often, it can be added to the fully customizable quick settings bar.

 5.  Doze now works even smarter. It’s a power saving mechanism and if your phone’s in your pocket or purse, it automatically reduces the battery usage and saves the battery. There’s also a functional Night mode which is great for people using phones at nights or darker areas.

6. The smallest yet the most effective improvements are in the keyboard and input section. The new keyboard now has emojis included. That’s not all, we can now customize our keyboard with vivid themes or even pics form our gallery!

7. Now the major behind the scenes improvement is the Vulkan API. It is a low-overhead compute API which targets high performance 3D graphics and offers lower CPU usage. It has explicit control over memory management and sync.

This is a great feature for gaming as it supports real-time 3D gaming and the new Virtual Reality option as it has direct control over the GPU.

8. In the aspect of security, there’s a new feature called Trusted face. This allows the user to log into the device via the camera by recognizing the faces.


Android 7 Nougat is a very stable, easy to interact, smooth and secure way of experiencing the       Android OS. Though it is only available on the– Nexus 6, Nexus 5X,Nexus6P,Nexus Player, Pixel c and the General Mobile 4G the updated of Nougat will be released with further refinements and polishes and the next developer preview is expected in the Fall of 2016.



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  • September 8, 2016 at 9:58 pm

    It was good to know that Nougat has these many applications.

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